Unity, Transparency, Accountability

Policy Issues

Affordable Housing

Gordon advocates for housing that is truly affordable to Ward 5 residents.

Economic Policy

Ward 5 had the third highest unemployment rate across all Wards in 2020. Economic growth must encompass equity, job creation and financial assistance to Ward 5 residents.

Public Safety

Gordon will reduce crime by bringing back community-led neighborhood patrols, and increasing police officer foot patrols.


Seniors are the cornerstone of Ward 5. We must ensure they can age in place – at home – and have access to a full array of services to ensure a high quality of life.


Gordon will write and enforce laws to protect our environment and result in measurably cleaner air, water and soil, especially in areas of the Ward 5 with a disproportionately high number of industrial sites.


Gordon is calling for a rigorous public school system that monitors children’s academic progress and addresses academic deficiencies early and often, so children can graduate on time and be competitive with their peers.

Transportation & Traffic

Gordon will launch an assessment of public transportation routes in Ward 5 to ensure access is equitable, efficient and meets the needs of commuters.

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4803 7th Street NE, Washington, DC 20017 | (202) 440-2159

Ruth Pagani, Treasurer

A copy of our report is filed with the Director of Campaign Finance of the District of Columbia Board of Elections.

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